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Since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University in 2014, Andrea Koletsis is currently working as a Senior Consultant in the Graduate Talent Acquisition at Deloitte. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and baking. Today, she shares her professional experience and advice on all things student recruitment.


What skills did you learn at university that are most relevant in your role today?

I believe there are many skills I learnt during university which are relevant in my role today. If I had to select two skills they would be the importance of managing my time effectively to meet deadlines and the importance of research and understanding all the information before making an informed judgement or recommendation on a topic.


Do you enjoy working from home? How does Deloitte ensure employees are connected throughout this time?

I have enjoyed working from home and have been very grateful for all the support Deloitte has provided during this time. We have several different ways we stay connected with our teams and have been supported throughout this time with a range of different initiatives such as our Deloitte Flex program.


Is there a particular female role model that has inspired you throughout your career? If so, who/why?

It would be difficult to select one role model as I have been inspired by several women throughout my career.  There are many women I have learnt so much from in my career to date and continue to be inspired by the work they do. They have inspired me to be bold and take risks along with teaching me the importance of seizing every opportunity.


What is some advice you can give to readers in the current job market, who may not have upcoming work available to improve their employability throughout this difficult time?

There are different ways you can further develop your personal and professional skills. Extra-curricular activities such as being on a student society, volunteer work or any projects or competitions, are all valuable additions to include on your CV or application. I would recommend highlighting the key human skills that you have learnt from participating in these experiences such as teamwork and empathy. There are also various online courses and internships you can complete to further develop your skills in certain areas, such as our Tech Consulting Virtual Internship.


Working within the Graduate Talent division at Deloitte, you are constantly exposed to new resumes. What are some differentiating factors that make a resume stand out to you?

Similarly to the question above, any work experience and/or extra-curricular activities which emphasise your transferrable skills are great to include on your CV. We want to see all the great things you have done! For more tips, check out our Deloitte YouTube channel.


Based on your journey, what is one piece of advice you would give to young females who aspire to one day be where you are today/succeed in the big 4?

If I could only select one piece of advice, it would be to take every good or bad experience as a chance to learn. I believe it’s so important to continually reflect on these moments and understand how they can help you grow. So be brave, seize every opportunity you can and make a concerted effort to try and give things a go. 


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