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Beth Eggleston

Beth Eggleston is a co-founder of the Humanitarian Advisory Group, was 2019’s Fullbright Scholar and has authored a number of publications on military-civilian relations. In her free time, she volunteers with NGO’s including the Red Cross and NATO. Today, she shares her experiences as a woman throughout her international career and the lessons that she has learned along the way.

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Khadija currently works as an Analyst in the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Risk team at NAB. Passionate about sustainability, Khadija studied a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Environment and Sustainability at Monash University. She shared with us her career journey and experiences as well as the importance of sustainability risk in a top tier financial institution.  

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Lucy Stronach is the current Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. As someone who’s passionate about youth engagement, her goal is to focus on delivering evidence-based solutions to MPs, NGOs and other key stakeholders, including the United Nations General Assembly in New York by asking young Australians the following question: ‘What would Australia look like if young people were the key drivers of decision making?’. Today, she reflects on her work with the United Nations, the various initiatives and engagements she has led and her advice for young women in politics.

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Daye Gang is a junior barrister at the Victorian Bar having received multiple awards including the International Bar Association Outstanding Young Lawyer Award and the Barristers award in the Lawyers’ Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards. As someone who is very passionate about human rights, Daye is currently a PhD candidate on restorative justice for gendered violence, works with a South Korean NGO to advocate for accountability on North Korean international crimes, and translates North Korean laws into English to promote accessibility. Today, she reflects on her career and the many ways she has been able to make an impact.

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Judith ALDOR

Judith is currently a Solicitor at the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office. As someone who has worked in roles spanning policy and law, she has enjoyed having the chance to merge these passions. Prior to this, Judith worked in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet as a Policy Adviser and also at Gadens as a lawyer. Throughout her career, Judith has always advocated for diversity and women’s rights. Today she reflects on her career journey and the importance of representation in the workforce and specifically law and politics.

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Tina Kuek is a passionate advocate for human rights and the African community in Australia, which has been reflected throughout her career. Currently, she is working as a Senior Policy Officer within the Victorian Government and running her own non-profit, Kazi, which is dedicated to improving the work prospects of refugees and migrants. Before this, she worked in the United Nations and the Australian Department of Defence in various roles. Recently, she was even on the Amazing Race Australia! Today, she reflects on her journey from dreaming of working in politics as a child to her present career. 

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Georgia Blackburn is currently the Communications Director at The Greens Western Australia. Leading up to this, she initially began her political journey with the WA Young Greens at university, and from here, has worked in a number of other roles in politics. This has included serving as the Director of Communications for Victorian Parliament and the Lead Digital Strategist for The Greens. Today, she reflects on her work with The Greens, the various campaigns she has led and her advice for young women in politics.

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Vicki WARD

Vicki Ward is the current MP for Eltham, serving as the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport in the state government. Vicki is a passionate advocate for the environment, education and human rights. She has had many key achievements during her time in parliament including reopening TAFE courses in Nillumbik, introducing new train services and securing grants for local community associations. Today, she reflects on some of her achievements and shares some advice for women looking to pursue similar roles in politics. 

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Since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University in 2014, Andrea Koletsis is currently working as a Senior Consultant in the Graduate Talent Acquisition at Deloitte. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and baking. Today, she shares her professional experience and advice on all things student recruitment.

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Since graduating with a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management and Accounting) from RMIT, Nicola Gleeson has been working as a Human Capital Consulting Analyst at Deloitte. Nicola is passionate about wellbeing and living a healthy lifestyle whilst working in a busy, corporate environment. Today she shares her professional experience and advice on navigating university and entering the workplace as a young woman.

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In just four short years since graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce/Liberal Studies (Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management and Marketing), Morgan Carroll has become a Senior Consultant within EY’s Workforce Advisory team and has founded her own business, CV Please.


Today, she shares her insights on gender diversity and how people have been using their spare time to rethink their career paths and further develop their personal brand during the lockdown. 

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Manon Moreau has worked towards ensuring political change for the Canadian
Indigenous Yukon nation. Currently, she serves as the President of the Yukon Liquor
Corporation and is the Secretary of the Yukon Lotteries Commission. Some of the
achievements in Manon’s prolific public service career include implementing the First
Nations Final Agreement and developing the trailblazing Peel Watershed Plan. 

Besides drafting policy documents, Manon runs mentorship programs for public
servants and advises Yukon and Canadian MPs. She has helped several people
develop their professional goals and strengthen their leadership skills.

Copy of WoW 2020 Winter - Alma Besserdin


Alma Besserdin combines her extensive leadership and culture change experience enabling organisations to apply leadership, cultural and communications wisdom to create an inclusive, diverse and engaging workplace that better positions them in today's global market. 

She is a Leadership and Career Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Speaker. She is passionate and well known for her advocacy for migrant women with professional backgrounds and women in general, gender equality and inclusion. 

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Human Resource Management is commonly viewed in simplified terms, people outside the industry often do not truly understand the complex details and career prospects. With the current rapidly changing work environment, this area of expertise is more important than ever.

Melanie is currently a Non-Executive Director and Executive Coach, having spent the majority of her career in senior HR roles across multiple industries including Mining, Media, Manufacturing, Retail and FMCG. She was a Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist and is an active member of Chief Executive Women and International Women’s Forum.

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When promoting an equal legal society, it is so vital that women are actively involved in the justice system. However, while women in New Zealand make up over half of the solicitors in the state, they are less likely to be in directorial or partner roles than men.

Here is where women like Kristy McDonald step in, working towards smashing the glass ceiling. Kristy is currently one of New Zealand’s leading senior barristers. She was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1999 and was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2019.

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Joanna MAO

Joanna is the current president of Women in Commerce and Politics. She is currently undertaking the Bachelor of Commerce with a Diploma in Languages- French. In our first Woman of the Week interview for 2020, we get an insight of what she has in plan for the future of the club.


Coming from Bachelor of Design to Commerce, Joanna hasn't followed the typical university pathway. From architecture and graphic design to majoring the accounting and economics, she has had her fair share of experiences in searching for her true calling. Beyond her duties as President of Women in Commerce and Politics, her hobbies include going to the gym and procrasti-baking 

__ Wk 6 sem 2 2019_ WoW- Sally Mansfield


Gender inequality in the workplace is a pressing global problem. While we’ve made meaningful progress, women are far less likely than men to be active in diplomatic circles, there is still a long way to go. 


Here’s what HE Ms Sally Mansfield, the Australian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, had to say about her role as Australian Ambassador, the obstacles she has encountered and what she hopes to achieve in her tenure. 

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Foreign Affairs is vital for the function of nations in a time of surging globalisation. Arising global issues make the portfolio a tough gig, requiring strong policy and a strong leader to light the path.

Julie shares her biggest challenges and successes in her time as Foreign Affairs Minister, and addresses obstacles as a female Cabinet member and provides insight into how to boost female representation.

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Gillian TRIGGS

With her views about the #MeToo movement, Australia's worsening Gender Gap and her plans for improving fundamental rights, Gillian gives us a detailed discussion on issues concerning gender inequality within the wide workforce along with actions we can take to reach our career goals.

Gillian Triggs was President of the Australian Human Rights Commission from 2012 to 2017. She is a pre-eminent international law scholar, a former Dean of the Sydney Law School and current Vice Chancellor’s Fellow at Melbourne Law School. She recently chaired a UN Inquiry into Abuse of office, bullying and harassment in UNAIDs and is currently chair of the Board of Justice Connect and President of the Asian Development Bank Administrative Tribunal. Her memoir, Speaking Up, was released in October last year.

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Jessica FINN

Management consulting— we've all heard of it, it seems to have taken future graduate job prospects by storm, but what is it really like to work within the field, more specifically as a woman?

Jessica Finn is a Senior Manager at PwC. After completing Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Management at the University of Melbourne, she joined PwC and has now worked there for almost five years. She is an avid traveller and has lived in 10 different cities! She also loves a good coffee and reading for leisure.

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The #womenwhocode and #codelikeagirl movement has inspired a surge of young women to unleash their talents in technology. However, have we made real progress in achieving gender parity in tech?

We asked Navi Kaur, Senior Analyst Engineer at NAB, about her opinion on the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry and how to overcome expectations and make a breakthrough in your career. 

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Tina YAO

& Annie JIANG

In celebration of International Women’s Day, WCP is excited and extremely proud to present our interviewees – Tina (Jiayi) Yao and Annie Jiang! 

Tina and Annie are both co-founders of Women in Commerce and Politics, currently President and Vice President of Politics, respectively. They each completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, and are now both undertaking the Juris Doctor.