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About us

Women in Commerce & Politics strives to improve the representation and visibility of female students in the areas of commerce and/or politics, both in academia and industry. We want to build a strong and supportive network of female students as well as serve as a bridge between students and industry professionals.

Club Aims:


To provide a pathway between female students of commerce and/or politics and industry professionals


To help build skills essential to boost employment opportunities and success for female students in the areas of commerce and politics​​


To build a strong community of female students that strive for academic excellence


To improve the representation of women who choose to pursue careers in commerce and politics

Meet our executive committee!
Tina (Jiayi) Yao
  • Tina
Annie Jiang
Vice President of Politics
  • Annie
Tessa Lai Sang
  • Tessa
Beau Annoptham
Director of Events
  • Beau
Jaskiran Kaur
Vice President of Commerce
  • Jas
Sharon Li
  • Sharon
Lucy Wu
Director of Marketing
  • Lucy